Motorcyles custom aftermarket parts, metal and fiberglass fabrication.


we provide

  • aftermarket parts
  • OEM parts
  • rebuilding
  • fabrication
  • subcontracting.

The website was a cause of several years of customizing stock motorcycles and fabricating alternative parts for myself and friends and I thought it would be in interest also for other new "customizers" out there that maybe don't have the time or knowledge from where to start with...

As it all started with That bike, we have became more specialized, have more experience with mighty Suzuki Intruder VZR1800 (M1800R), Boulevard M109R

By the time, we have also managed to become dealers of several high end aftermarket manufacturers, that allow us offer reasonable prices, great variety and good service. 

Obviously the website is in constant development, so if any questions please feel free to contact for any questions you might have.